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Webata is a Walmart specific digital merchandising technology company that optimizes your search positioning and rank for and (OPD)

Our Optimization Process

At each step, Webata uses proprietary tools, technology and processes specifically developed to win on and (OPD).  We begin with data mined directly from the source and then process through our analytics suites to identify keywords that are winnable for each of your items.

The Webata Difference

While most leverage Google, Amazon, or panel data, At Webata we mine keyword and SKU Data Directly from the source, and on a daily basis to gather the data required for optimization.

Once this data is gathered, we run it through our proprietary tools and algorithms that output easy-to-utilize recommendations on how to pull your three Walmart digital shelf levers:

  • Onsite Organic Search Optimization

  • Onsite Paid Search Keyword Identifier

  • Forced Search Ranking/Buyer Search Curation

Webata's Unique Data

To gather the data required for optimization, we mine keyword and SKU data directly from the source, and  We then inform it with trend information from Google.  All on a daily basis.

Working With Webata

A Webata Subscription comes with two main deliverables:

1)  A monthly file that is already formatted for one-click upload to Walmart’s Item 360 system (or your Syndication partner).  This file contains all optimization changes to each item’s title and description (implemented by your staff or by Webata). This is your Organic Search Optimization.

2) Access to our web-based SaaS category, brand, item and keyword insights tool with robust reporting around owned and competitive Organic Optimization, Paid Search Keyword Identifier, and Curation efforts. This is your Paid Search and Buyer Search Curation data as well as owned and competitor ranking intelligence.


Based on the myriad of two-month case studies we’ve executed with our clients, the average increase in sales over the test periods have been 32%.

These sales increases can be directly attributed to an increase in the number of keywords for which items rank and the number of top 10 rankings.

The Webata Leadership Team is Comprised of Retail and eCommerce Leaders

Item Optimization

Gabe Wight - CEO and Co-Founder

Gabe has more than 20 years of retail experience.  Gabe joined Saatchi & Saatchi X  in 2000 where he led shopper marketing efforts and began learning and implementing eComerce growth strategies.  Since leaving Saatchi & Saatchi X Gabe has spent time in leadership positions, responsible for growth, in shopper marketing, media, digital, and as manufacturer CMO where he was responsible for all eCommerce both owned and through

Gabe's experience matched what is well documented; that shelf position has the greatest long term effect on eCommerce sales.  Gabe founded Webata to make accessible the data and decisions to  win that digital shelf position. 

Know the optimal time to include or change keywords for each item.


Dale Treece - Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Dale's diverse career in strategy, creative, analytics, media planning, and eCommerce give him a unique ability to define problems and creatively identify solutions from a multi-source input set.

Dale has spent time at both large multi-national and smaller startup agencies.  He has successfully led digital efforts for some of the largest brands in the world as well as smaller fighter brands.  These experiences provided Dale with a diversity of challenges and his time working for Walmart honed his ability to quickly identify the best "what works" in a variety of variable situations.

Dale joined Gabe to found Webata due to the lack of market available data that could effectively drive shelf positioning decisions.

Rachelle Milam - Account Management

Rachelle understands what it takes to grow sales at Walmart.  Rachelle has been a Retail Link power user and trainer from the time Retail Link was delivered via floppy drives.  She knows how to accumulate and analyze data to get to clear decisions that will make a difference in the business.  

Rachelle has a passion for growth.  She leaves no stone unturned when looking for opportunities to help Webata's clients grow.  Clients appreciate Rachelle's no-nonsense approach to getting the work done making interaction efficient and sufficient.  

Rachelle has developed a broad view of what strategies and tactics create growth working for top brands and challenger brands alike in almost every category across the store.

Eli Goodman - Chief Revenue Officer

Eli is a 20+ year leadership veteran of the Marketing Analytics and Search industries with a wealth of experience across the entire online Retail sector  He is responsible for leading the Revenue apparatus at Webata, including Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Customer Success. 

His expertise lies in working with clients to evaluate quantitative datasets and extract qualitative insights.  His ability to distill complex Webata concepts down into a simple to understand collection of revenue driving results is key to our success and yours.

He has held direct sales and sales leadership roles across Gartner, Hitwise, Comscore, and Jumpshot. 

Eli holds a B.A. in Organizational and Behavior Management from Brown University and resides in New York City.


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