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Welcome To Webata

Webata is an eCommerce sales accelerator helping brands place their items in front of more online shoppers by identifying and prioritizing winnable keywords leading to digital shelves on Walmart, inc. properties, including (OGP). 

We help Walmart suppliers efficiently and effectively create and manage a process and plan to optimize their online product placement and increase digital sales at and Our platform is data driven and focused around continuous improvement. Our process is identifying the relevant Walmart keyword universe, prioritizing the keywords, and recommending winnable keywords to map and place to specific items in the portfolio. Webata is leveraged by Walmart suppliers as an on-going service, turnkey solution and/or a data partner.

Webata drives eCommerce sales by identifying and deploying the data driven

digital merchandising strategy that puts products in front of more high potential shoppers.

...but what does that mean?

Item Optimization

Leverage the best keywords for each item to maximize visibility with high potential shoppers.

Portfolio Strategy

Harness the power of your portfolio by winning share within the category and around highly correlating market basket items.


Know the optimal time to include or change keywords for each item.



Webata works on your behalf to optimize, monitor and make improvements to your portfolio's digital merchandising strategy as opportunities arise.



Webata will monitor your items and their category and send alerts when it's time to update keywords to maximize visibility.



Understand how well your brand and your items are merchandised versus the competition and gain insight into how to improve.


Our Optimization Process

At each step, Webata uses proprietary tools, technology and processes specifically developed to win on and (OGP)


Identify the universe of relevant keywords to your product category


Measure each keyword to identify which are most important


Monitor the most important keywords to understand which are winnable


Map the best and most winnable keywords across each item in a brand's portfolio

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